Kaheresma Angeles, Hope Worship Co-Director / Executive Assistant
Email: kaheresma@hotcc.org
Twitter: @KaheresmaBangi
Few things about Kaheresma... 

Family Members – Richmond (husband), Kari Love (daughter)
Education – Bachelors In Business Management at Northwest University
Favorite Food – Tinolang Manok (filipino dish) and Sushi
Favorite Bible verse – Isaiah 1:19
Hobbies – I don’t know…. Not Sure… It changes
Best Movie of all time – Fireproof
Everyone should read – “Sun Stand Still” by Steven Furtick
Dream vacation destination - Tahiti
If you could ask God question, what would it be – This is tough because I have a long list
Where did you grow up – Bukidnon, Philippines
Name a very special day in your life –Aside from the day when I accepted the Lord as my Lord and personal Savior, I would say, My Wedding Day and when I gave birth to my daughter!
Something unique about me – It is natural for me to sing when I am in the car.
What do you love about what you do – It’s the thought that I can never do it if it were not because of God.