Ruth Tomas, Junior and Senior Kindergarten Supervisor
Few things about Ruth... 

Education –
Pursuing my BA degree in Psychology at NU
Favorite Food – I love seafood! But I really love all of my mom’s cooking!
Favorite Bible verse – Matthew 6:33-34
Hobbies – There are times when I love to read, other times I love to sing and times when I just want to go hiking!
Best Movie of all time – The Hobbit Trilogy
Everyone should read – “Man Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl
Dream vacation destination – I want to go to Greece!
Where did you grow up – I grew up in South Seattle
Name a very special day in your life – Accepting Jesus into my life
Something unique about me – I talk to myself a lot and I have a very loud laugh which I am not ashamed of!
What do you love about what you do – I love listening to parents’ stories about how their children are the ones who encourages them and remind them about Jesus’ love! It’s just beautiful!